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11/21 Taiwan Life Sciences Biweekly Newsletter

Taiwan Life Sciences Biweekly
1. New lung cancer drug cleared for marketing in China by Gongwin-KY
18 November, 2022
On 17 November, Gongwin-KY (TW: 6617) announced that its new drug, PTS302, for the treatment of lung cancer, has been approved by the China Drug Administration and is expected to be officially licensed in the near future. PTS302 is the first company, after TaiGen, to obtain a drug certificate in China, which is a significant indicator. Encouraged by the positive drug certification, Gongwin's stock price celebrated on the 17th, closing at NT$414.5 and surpassing the NT$400 mark.. More...
2. Medeon enters high-end medical material CDMO and has received orders from over 40 US clients
14 November, 2022
In recent years, in addition to its own medical material products, Medeon (TW: 6499) has also acquired a US-based innovative medical material company to enter the high-end medical material contracted research and development manufacturing service (CDMO), adopting the one-stop service of receiving orders and trial production in the US and mass production in Taiwan. More...
3. PharmaEssentia named Therapeutics Solution of the Year at the second annual BioTech Breakthrough Awards
11 November, 2022
PharmaEssentia (TW: 6446) announced that it has won the "Therapeutics Solution of the Year" award at the second annual BioTech Breakthrough Awards in the United States. PharmaEssentia is the only Taiwanese biotech drug company to receive the award. More...
4. Adimmune's non-vaccine CDMO business estimated to ship 100 million doses by 2026
10 November, 2022
In order to diversify its business, Adimmune (TW: 4142) is actively developing its CDMO (Commissioned Development and Manufacturing Services) business in addition to its human vaccine, rapid screening reagent and animal vaccine businesses, said Adimmune on 9 September. The company expects that, together with its own influenza stock solution, its own branded products and the CDMO business, the company's total shipment volume is expected to increase fivefold to 100 million doses by 2026 compared to this year. More...
5. Industry-academia collaboration transforms precision medicine research outcomes into social value
10 November, 2022
With big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology all becoming highly developed, precision medicine - a sector that has relied on these advanced technologies for accelerated development - has in recent years become a crucial force of the medical industry. The Office of Technology Development and Industry Liaison (OTDIL) of Chang Gung University held on October 21 the "Precision Medicine and Smart Technology Technical Sharing & Matching Session," jointly executed along with the CGU Spark and T4GIP (Global Industry Platform) program. Medical industry experts from Taiwan Landseed Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, Fu Jen Catholic University, National Central University and Yuan Ze University were invited to unveil the latest technologies and give talks. More...
6. Data from PharmaEngine's first-line pancreatic cancer drug Onivyde shows clinical significance
9 November, 2022
Drug development firm PharmaEngine (TW: 4162) announced last week that clinical data from a global pivotal trial for its combination therapy pancreatic cancer drug Onivyde for first-line pancreatic cancer reached clinical significance. Both the primary and secondary evaluation indicators achieved significant clinical significance. The company intends to further organize the data and make a submission to the US FDA for a drug license application as soon as early next year. More... (in Chinese)
7. Ministry of Health and Welfare: Smart hospitals head towards South Asia
9 November, 2022
The Healthcare+ Expo 2022 will be taking place on 1-4 December in Taipei. This year, through the Ministry of Health and Welfare, more than 250 CEOs and directors of medical institutions from eight countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, have been invited to Taiwan. It is expected that the ASEAN hospitals will cooperate with Taiwan's medical and technology sectors to accelerate the advancement of Taiwan's smart hospital solutions to hospitals in southern countries. More...
8. Anxo Pharmaceutical creates alliance model for international expansion
9 November, 2022
In a recent announcement Tainan-headquartered drug delivery technology development company Anxo Pharmaceutical (TW: 6677) reported that it had signed an alliance with local company Genovior Biotech, to access the company's international high-standard PIC/S GMP-certified sterile drug and preparation production lines and process experience. According to the announcement the two parties will take advantage of their respective advantages to jointly build a nano-injection production line to produce the first new generation of long-acting injection-form drugs for psychiatric use in the China market.

This is a rare alliance model for a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company, but also marks the third time that Anxo Pharmaceutical had signed an international market joint development alliance with a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company, following deals signed post-COVID-19 with Sunny Pharmtech and Synmosa Biopharma. More... (in Chinese)
9. ITRI and Metagone Biotech partner for glaucoma and macular degeneration drug development
9 November, 2022
ITRI announced that it has created Taiwan's first "ophthalmic technology platform", targeting "glaucoma and wet macular degeneration", developing the world's first "dual-target" glaucoma drops and "no intraocular injection" wet macular degeneration drops to capture the US$1.5 billion global ophthalmic market.

ITRI and Metagone Biotech have achieved three major achievements, including the first technology transfer to Cygnus Biotech Group, which was efficiently executed by the Metagone team and entered the clinical trial stage of the new drug within six months; secondly, the total amount of technology transfer exceeded NT$100 million, the highest in the history of Taiwan's corporate ophthalmology new drug technology transfer, and the actual revenue in the first year of technology transfer reached tens of millions of dollars, a new high in the biotechnology field; thirdly, the first ophthalmology-specific "drug technology platform" in Taiwan was produced. These three achievements will enhance Taiwan's ophthalmic drug development capacity and build a complete supply chain, with products to be marketed from as early as 2025, benefiting more than 350,000 patients, and further capturing 5% of the global ophthalmic drug market, reaching a scale of approximately US$1.5 billion and making Taiwan a base for ophthalmic drug innovation. More...
10. Taiwan Realizes Better Health Care of the Elderly with New Medical IoT and Cloud Services
24 October, 2022
The improvement in Taiwan's medical and health care services and social progress that leads to increasing longevity has increased the proportion of the aging population over the years. Meanwhile, the young and middle-aged population in many developed countries has also decreased year by year with declining fertility. Increasing longevity and declining fertility are key factors for a gradual change in the population structure and an aging society. According to the latest population survey of the United Nations, by 2050, one in six people in the world will be over age 65, accounting for 16% of the global population. More...
11. Taiwan startup wins $1 million at US reality show for cancer treatment
8 November, 2022
A Taiwanese biotech company has claimed the grand prize of US$1 million in the final of "Meet the Drapers Season 5" for its innovative technology to develop an optimal treatment for cancer patients.

CancerFree Biotech beat 1,000 other teams from nine countries and areas in the U.S. entrepreneurship show, hosted by Tim Draper. Draper is an American venture capitalist whose investments include Baidu, Paypal, Skype, Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter Robinhood, and others. More...
12. JelloX Biotech helps doctors diagnose and treat cancer tumors with speed and accuracy
8 November, 2022
Taiwan-based start-up, JelloX Biotech, says its products will help doctors diagnose and treat cancer tumors with speed and accuracy without an added strain on budgets. The company made its debut at Intel Innovation in September.

JelloX has gained the attention of healthcare experts and pharmaceutical brands for its potential for the future of cancer pathology using 3D imaging technology. More...
13. Success in Far EasTone's Taiwan-based telemedicine programs leads to cooperation opportunities with Palau for Shin Kong Hospital
4 November, 2022
Taiwan telecom giant Far EasTone's strengths in big data, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things has led it to develop significant capability to support telemedicine programs throughout Taiwan. Success in these programs with Taiwan's Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital has allowed the hospital to look for opportunities abroad for its telemedicine programs. With Shin Kong already involved with assisting the Pacific island state of Palau's medical care services, the hospital announced earlier that it was cooperating with the Palauan Ministry of Health to establish a transnational telemedicine center for the island nation. On the 3rd of November an unveiling of this medical center was held at the Palau National Hospital, Palau. More... (in Chinese)
14. Ever Supreme Bio Technology's cell therapy developments show progress
3 November, 2022
In a press release, Ever Supreme Bio Technology (TW: 6712) reported on the progress of its cell therapy projects. The company reported that it will support these projects through in-house manufacturing of cells for allogeneic cell therapy, and will actively support its ongoing clinical trials in this area. Among them, cell therapy for acute myocardial infarction will enter Phase II clinical trials this year, while its CAR-T cell therapy program for the treatment of solid cancers, an application for a Phase I/II clinical trial will be submitted by the end of this year. Technical transfer and authorization rights for its cell therapy projects are currently being negotiated with international industry players, according to the company. More... (in Chinese)
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