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Inventec to boost biomedical startup incubation
4 January, 2024
Kou-I Yeh, President of Inventec Group, attended the National Innovation Award Ceremony, where he represented Inventec to join the "We Innovators Partners and Funds" initiative, which aims to develop Taiwan's biomedical industry and biomedical start-ups. More...
TaiMed Biologics announces Trogarzo US registration updates
3 January, 2024
TaiMed Biologics (TW: 4147) announced that the muscle injection form (IM) of its HIV drug Trogarzo has been submitted for registration and inspection for listing to the US FDA through marketing partners. More... (in Chinese)
The market for exosomes to hit $3 billion by 2030
2 January, 2024
After cord blood, stem cells and a variety of cellular therapies, exosomes are one of the biggest discoveries in regenerative medicine in recent years and have quickly become the buzzword in the global biotech industry. The global market for exosome-related applications is estimated to reach $513 million by 2026, with the potential to exceed $3 billion by 2030. More...
Innovative Smart Sports and Digital Health Tech From ITRI Debut at CES 2024
Press release
2 January, 2024
The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan's largest and one of the world's leading high-tech applied research institutions, today announced the introduction of smart sports and digital health innovations at CES 2024 booth 9255, North Hall, LVCC, and its event website. ITRI will also exhibit its smart sports innovations at CES Unveiled Las Vegas booth 226, Shoreline Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay Convention Center. More...
Sunny Pharmtech's hemostatic agent granted US drug certification, aiming to ship in next quarter
29 December, 2023
Sunny Pharmtech (TW: 6676) announced that its independently developed hemostatic agent, Aminocaproic Acid Solution (AMA-S), has received approval from the US FDA for market release. This marks the company's second US generic drug certification this year, bringing its total to eight US generic drug certifications obtained. Several other products are currently undergoing regulatory approval processes in the United States, China, Taiwan, and other regions. More... (in Chinese)
ASUS reveals innovative AI-powered LU800 Handheld Ultrasound, prize-winning smart healthcare team solution sets new benchmark for mobile health
29 December, 2023
Extending healthcare services from hospitals to homes and rural regions by providing patients with more accessible mobile healthcare is gradually becoming a key policy of governments and healthcare institutions today. ASUS COO and Global Senior VP Joe Hsieh stated that the company has focused on mobile healthcare since it first began expanding into the smart healthcare field a decade ago. The goal was to integrate high technology with medicine in order to assist the public with personal health management and improve the diagnostic efficiency of health units. ASUS VivoWatch wearables and ASUS handheld wireless ultrasound solutions embody the success of this philosophy and have been recognized with the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) and National Innovation Award. More...
BenQ Medical plans to establish manufacturing operations in India
28 December, 2023
BenQ Medical (TW: 4116) announced that it will collaborate with strategic partners in India to establish a production base for operating room equipment in Chennai, India. This initiative aligns with the local government's 'Make in India' policy and aims to strengthen services in Indian public hospitals as well as expand its medical distribution network. More... (in Chinese)
Lung cancer and coronary artery calcification risks screening simultaneously - DeepRad.AI realizes vision of preventive medicine
28 December, 2023
According to the latest Taiwan Cancer Registry published by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) in November 2023, lung cancer has overtaken colon cancer as the most common type of cancer in Taiwan. It is also one of the leading causes of death around the world. One of the reasons that lung cancer has such a high mortality rate is that it is often only diagnosed in later stages when the best time for treatment has lapsed. Therefore, early screening is of utmost importance. The DeepLung-CAC developed by DeepRad.AI employs multimodal AI technology, utilizing low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) imaging It aims to achieve the goal of preventive medicine by detecting lung nodules and simultaneously predicting the risks of coronary artery calcification. More...
China Medical University Hospital's Breakthrough Drug of 'Allogenic mRNA CAR-T' and Its GenAI 'gHi' Standing Out in Healthcare+ Expo (Taiwan) 2023
Press release
28 December, 2023
Taiwan's biggest bio-tech annual event, Healthcare+ Expo (Taiwan) 2023, was held in Taipei from November through early December. Numerous medical centers showcased their achievements in bio-tech innovations. Among them, China Medical University Hospital (CMUH, Taiwan) was attracted most attention in the exposition. The "Allogenic mRNA CAR-T" immune cell treatment, which has been approved human clinical trials phase I and II by US FDA since last September, targets globally prevalent cancers such as lung, breast, and colorectal cancers. Additionally, the broad-spectrum anticancer drug, Nano body based "Trispecific Antibody of T cell Engager", represents one of Asia's leading next-generation cancer Nano medicines. Aside from new bio-drugs, the "GenAI healthcare system- gHi," which is the world's first AI generative medical records constructed in the Chinese, English and other languages, significantly cuts medical staff's data entry time by 75 percent. Those items of the cutting-edge products received great attention at the Healthcare+ Expo (Taiwan) 2023. More...
TTY Biopharm's expansion in core areas, new products will continue growth momentum next year: GM
27 December, 2023
TTY Biopharm recently held a corporate briefing where General Manager Hou Ching-Lan stated that the company plans to continue its steady growth in core areas such as cancer and critical care next year. This includes products such as Lipo-AB in the US, the targeted therapy drug Pemazyre for biliary tract cancer, the anesthesia drug Byfavo, and an adjuvant influenza vaccine. These are expected to be the core highlights for 2024, extending the growth momentum from this year. More... (in Chinese)
TLC to Present at the 42nd Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
Press release
27 December, 2023
TLC BioSciences (TLC), a late clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company developing novel nanomedicines to target areas of unmet medical needs in orthopedic disorders, today announced that the company will present at the 42nd Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference at 2:00pm PT on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. As a part of the APAC track, TLC will present at the Golden Gate Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis, 780 Mission Street, San Francisco. More...
Adimmune's EV and influenza vaccines to tap into new markets
27 December, 2023
Adimmune held a press conference where Chairman Chi-Shean Chan said that there will be progress on the three key vaccines next year. The quadrivalent influenza vaccine has been submitted to Brazil for regulatory approval and is expected to be approved in the fourth quarter of next year; the enterovirus vaccine phase III will be unblocked in the third quarter of next year at the earliest and the statistical data will be even more meaningful; and finally, the tetanus vaccine will be back in mass production and will be used in the Southeast Asian and China where there is a shortage of production capacity. More...
Oneness Biotech aims to have new medication included in China's diabetic foot ulcer treatment guidelines
26 December, 2023
Oneness Biotech General Manager Chih-Hui Cheng reported that 2024 will be the foundational year for the company. The company's new medication for diabetic foot ulcers is expected to be included in China's diabetic foot ulcer prevention and treatment guidelines next year, and is anticipated to be covered by China's national medical insurance. Cheng also mentioned that the company had engaged with several large national pharmaceutical companies in market collaboration discussions. More... (in Chinese)
Locus Cell successfully completes CAR-T trial production, with commercialization orders ready for fulfillment
26 December, 2023
Locus Cell (TW: 6891) announced that it had successfully completed its first trial production of CAR-T cells, with the entire process taking place in a cell therapy pilot plant accredited with PIC/S GMP certification. Going forward, all cell production will adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, establishing Locus Cell's own CAR-T technology platform, according to the company. Locus Cell stated that throughout the establishment process, it had integrated a team with extensive experience, creating relevant Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) systems to ensure full readiness for commercial orders. More... (in Chinese)
Senhwa Biosciences Received Taiwan FDA IND Approval for Phase II Study of Silmitasertib in Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Associated with Viral Infection
Press release
26 December, 2023
Senhwa Biosciences, Inc. (TPEx: 6492), a drug development company focusing on first-in-class therapeutics for oncology, rare diseases, and infectious diseases, announced today that Taiwan Food and Drug Administration has approved its Phase II IND application of Silmitasertib (CX-4945) to treat patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) caused by viral infection. The trial is a phase II multi-center, randomized-controlled interventional prospective study, and the purpose of this trial is to investigate whether early intervention of Silmitasertib restrains the progression of CAP by inhibiting the elevated cytokine release associated with SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza viruses. More...
We Innovators welcomes Inventec and AUO to channel funds into startups
26 December, 2023
Following the "We Innovators Partners and Funds" initiative announced by the National Innovation Award and backed by three Taiwanese financial holding groups and Realtek Semiconductor Corp, more technology companies have joined the list of investors, including Inventec Corp and display maker AUO Corp. The partnership with the IT giants will be revealed in the National Innovation Award awards ceremony on 27 December. More...
Taiwanese CGM manufacturers rush to enter the global market
25 December, 2023
The Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) industry is estimated that from next year the output value will exceed that of the traditional BGM, attracting manufacturers from around the world to race for market share. Bionime, which has already obtained Taiwan's TFDA's marketing approval, is actively seeking international cooperation; ApexBio Taiwan has received an OEM order from Italy; and TaiDoc Technology has the chance of receiving market approval by the end of next year or the beginning of the following year. More...
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