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12/25 Taiwan Life Sciences Biweekly Newsletter

Taiwan Life Sciences Biweekly
Bora eyeing CDMOs as possible merger targets for expansion
20 December, 2023
Bora Pharmaceuticals is still looking at contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) as potential merger and acquisition (M&A) targets, as the company continues to expand its business scale, the medicine and healthcare product maker said yesterday.

The company has seen its market value surge by more than 50-fold in seven years through a series of strategic M&As, including acquiring Japan-based Eisai Co's subsidiary and plant in Tainan's Guantian District in 2013 and US-based Impax Laboratories Inc's subsidiary and plant in Miaoli County's Jhunan Township in 2018. More...
Taipei Veterans General Hospital Expands Presence in Vietnamese Healthcare, Collaborates with Partners for Southern Expansion
20 December, 2023
Since 2018, Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare has been promoting the 'One Country, One Center' policy, with a focus on six southern countries. Each country has a designated hospital with the goal being to export Taiwan's medical industry leadership through these hospitals. Starting in 2022, it has transitioned to a 'One Country, Multiple Centers' approach, expanding to have two hospitals in charge of operations in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Taipei Veterans General Hospital, which has been deeply involved in Vietnam for many years, is responsible for the northern region of Vietnam. In addition to signing MOUs and training local physicians, next spring, it will host a seminar in Hanoi with the participation of a hundred people, with the event aiming to bring Taiwanese companies southward particularly after the implementation of the government's New Southbound Policy, fostering collaboration, sharing medical expertise, and promoting industry development for mutual benefit. More... (in Chinese)
Andros Pharmaceuticals to Commence Phase II Clinical Trial Enrollment for New Drug Targeting Localized Pain in Osteoarthritis
19 December, 2023
Pharmaceutical developer Andros Pharmaceuticals (TW: 6917) announced that its new drug, APC201, a formulation for treating localized pain in osteoarthritis, has received approval from the Safety Review Committee (SRC) after the Phase I clinical trial. The review indicates that the new drug is safe and well-tolerated, allowing it to proceed directly to Phase II clinical trials. The company plans to start recruiting 60 patients and confirming dosage and efficacy early next year. More... (in Chinese)
Foresee Pharmaceuticals to Introduce Two New Drugs for Allergic Asthma and Prostate Cancer Next Year
19 December, 2023
Foresee Pharmaceuticals (TW: 6576) Chairman, Ben Chien, announced that the company is planning a dual-track development strategy starting next year. On one hand, it will expand capital investment in its US subsidiary, and in the first half of next year transfer the ownership of a series of new chemical entity (NCE) drugs to the US subsidiary. The Taiwanese parent company will retain ownership of new dosage form drugs - the Stable Injectable Formulation (SIF) platform. In addition, Foresee Pharmaceuticals aims to complete the licensing of two drugs, FP-025 for allergic asthma, and FP-014 for prostate cancer, next year. More... (in Chinese)
Taiwan to launch its CDMO business backed by the government
18 December, 2023
The announcement of the establishment of the Taiwan Bio-Manufacturing Corporation (TBMC) in May has been eagerly anticipated. TBMC has used Taiwan's TSMC model to promote itself both domestically and internationally, mainly because it has replicated the TSMC model in four major aspects: shareholding structure, personnel composition, business model and the role of the government, and even its English name, TBMC, is very similar to TSMC. More...
Handa Pharmaceuticals Builds on Success in Developing Enhanced New Drugs
15 December, 2023
Handa Pharmaceuticals (TW: 6620) has achieved success with two drugs, HND-002 for gastroesophageal reflux and HND-020 for multiple sclerosis, sequentially entering the US market. The cumulative revenue for the first 11 months of this year reached NT$981 million, a year-on-year increase of 1727 percent. Handa's General Manager, Chen Chun-Liang, stated that the research and development achievements of 505(b)(2) (improved new drugs) will continue to accumulate. It is anticipated that a new drug will be introduced every year in the future, with visibility extending beyond three years. Additionally, next year's profits from 505(b)(2) are expected to surpass generic drugs, establishing Handa as a leading IP player in the biotech industry. More... (in Chinese)
Taipei Medical University Cultivates Healthcare Ecosystem to Prepare for the Future of Medicine
Promotional article
15 December, 2023
Taipei Medical University's (TMU) new campus will empower its community to meet the future challenges of healthcare, says Mai-Szu Wu, president of TMU. "We'’re building an ecosystem to link the academic side with clinical medicine and with industry to face the future problems of healthcare." More...
Compal Electronics and National Taiwan University Hospital unveil a radiofrequency ablation training center
15 December, 2023
ITRI's Intelligent Radio Frequency Ablation (iRFA) system was transferred to Compal Electronics, becoming the first case in Taiwan of an ICT company entering the therapeutic medical device segment. In September this year, the system was successfully covered by the National Health Insurance and received US and Taiwan marketing approval, and there have already been five successful cases in domestic hospitals, with good recovery after treatment.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a safe and minimally invasive treatment and is the most widely used tumor ablation technique in the world. Using the guided image, a very small electrode needle is located and inserted into the area of the tumor, and the needle emits radio frequency (RF) waves which heat the tissue as a result of ionic excitation and disruption, causing the tumor in the treatment area to be cauterized and necrotic as a result of the increase in temperature, commonly referred to as 'electrocautery'. More...
First made-in-Taiwan cornea by ACRO Biomedical to reach the global market
12 December, 2023
ACRO Biomedical's ABCcolla Collagen Ophthalmic Matrix (Cornea) was recently approved for export by the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, making it the world's first made-in-Taiwan corneal transplant product to reach the global market. ACRO Biomedical will receive a third stage milestone payment from its Australian licensing partner, Oculus BioMed, which will be recognized in December and is expected to be accretive to revenue and profitability. More...
Combining Radiotherapy and Focusing on Ultrasound: NaviFUS Biomedical Featured in International Journal
12 December, 2023
NaviFUS Biomedical (TW: 6872) has been developing applications for its non-invasive focused ultrasound treatment technology. In addition to ongoing efforts in developing clinical applications to assist drug passage through the blood-brain barrier for treating brain cancer and regulating seizures, another significant direction is the combination of focused ultrasound with radiotherapy for brain cancer treatment. The project, which commenced in 2021 at Linkou Chang Gung Hospital, conducted a trial combining the NaviFUSoR system with radiotherapy. The team recently compiled and submitted an analysis of both preclinical animal experiments and mid-term analysis of this clinical trial, which has been published in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology. More... (in Chinese)
BRIM Biotechnology Obtains Technology Business Approval; Dry Eye Syndrome Phase III Progress Ahead of Schedule
11 December, 2023
The pharmaceutical research and development company, BRIM Biotechnology (TW: 6885), has officially obtained the approval for its technology business. The company will actively submit a stock listing application according to the planned schedule and has already completed the enrollment of 732 participants for the Phase III clinical trials of BRM421 for dry eye syndrome in the US ahead of schedule.

BRIM Biotechnology Chairman Andrew Lin stated that since its establishment, the company has been committed to developing internationally competitive new drugs. By bringing together talents from Taiwan and abroad, the company has devoted its efforts to the development of BRM421, the first internationally advanced new drug entirely developed in Taiwan from start to finish, according to Lin. With the successful technology business approval, the company will begin the application process for a stock listing. The goal is to attract more talent through the listing, raise sufficient funds to expand the product line, and develop more and better new drugs. The aspiration is to establish BRIM Biotechnology as a world-class pharmaceutical company, showcasing Taiwan's biotechnology strength to the world, according to Lin. More... (in Chinese)
Oneness Biotech Selected for 2023 'Dow Jones Sustainability Index' - First Instance for Taiwanese Biopharmaceutical Company
11 December, 2023
Oneness Biotech (TW: 4743) announced that it has become the first Taiwanese biopharmaceutical company to be included in the globally renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), one of the most credible sustainability indices worldwide. Oneness Biotech stands out by being selected for the first time as a constituent stock of the "Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index." It is the first Taiwanese company to achieve this and one of only two biopharmaceutical companies globally to be included, marking its advancement into the ranks of internationally outstanding sustainable businesses. More... (in Chinese)
Lotus Pharmaceutical and Favorex Collaborate to Launch Ustekinumab Biosimilar in South Korea
11 December, 2023
Lotus Pharmaceutical (TW: 1795) and DKSH's subsidiary, Favorex Pte Ltd, jointly announced that they have established an exclusive partnership to commercialize its ustekinumab biosimilar in South Korea. More... (in Chinese)
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