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Formosa Pharmaceuticals aims to launch new ophthalmic drug in US Market in Q1 2024
20 November, 2023
Formosa Pharmaceuticals (TW: 6838), has developed a postoperative anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug APP13007 for post eye surgery applications. In August of this year, after successfully licensing the US market to the ophthalmic pharmaceutical company Eyenovia, the company stated that the drug is targeting US FDA approval for market entry in the first quarter of next year. For the deal with Eyenovia, the total sum of signing fees, development milestone payments, and sales milestone payments amounts to US$86 million (approximately NT$2.75 billion). More... (in Chinese)
Polaris Pharmaceuticals Submits BLA for Approval of Lung Mesothelioma Drug to US FDA
17 November, 2023
Polaris Pharmaceuticals (TW: 6550) announced that it had formally submitted the Biologics License Application (BLA) for ADI-PEG 20 to the US FDA. This application is intended for the treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive cancer. More... (in Chinese)
EirGenix's Breast Cancer Biosimilar Drug Granted Approval by the European Commission (EC)
17 November, 2023
EirGenix (TW: 6589) announced that its biosimilar drug EG12014 (Trastuzumab Biosimilar 150mg) for breast and gastric cancer, licensed to Sandoz AG, has received market approval from the European Commission (EC). It is now officially authorized for use and sale in the European market. EG12014 is indicated for the treatment of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 positive (HER2-positive) breast cancer and metastatic gastric cancer, with the same indications as the reference biological drug Herceptin approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). More... (in Chinese)
Large Taiwan delegation attends MEDICA, world's largest medical device expo
15 November, 2023
As the global focus on precision health grows alongside an aging population and the pursuit of healthcare quality, Taiwan's National Science Council (NSC) led a large delegation of 40 national representatives to once again participate in the in the world's largest medical equipment and devices expo, the MEDICA trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. A Taiwan Smart Healthcare Pavilion was set up to assist Taiwanese research institutes, startups, industrial parks, and smart hospitals in attracting global investment. This initiative aims to open doors to the European market for cutting-edge biomedical products from Taiwan. More... (in Chinese)
Taipei Hospital Establishes Rapid Diagnostic Criteria for Pompe Disease; Treatment Effectiveness in Taiwan Ranks First Globally
15 November, 2023
The inventor of the drug for treating Pompe disease is former Academia Sinica academician Chen Yuan-Chuan, with the invention saving numerous patients with Pompe disease. The team at Taipei Veterans General Hospital continues this mission, establishing the world's fastest diagnostic criteria for newborn screening. This enables infants with Pompe disease to receive enzyme therapy within an average of 10 days after birth. As a result, the treatment effectiveness for infantile Pompe disease currently ranks first globally. With the introduction of the second-generation drug in April of this year, all Pompe disease patients can now experience improved treatment outcomes. More... (in Chinese)
Merdury Biopharmaceutical and UBI Pharma Collaborate to Develop and Manufacture ED Drug
14 November, 2023
Merdury Biopharmaceutical (TW: 6932) has entered into a collaboration with UBI Pharma (TW: 6562) to develop and manufacture Sildenafil Citrate Orally Disintegrating Tablet 50mg, an erectile dysfunction (ED) drug. The partnership involves integrating Merdury's 3D powder printing pharmaceutical equipment and drug formulation technology into UBI Pharma's GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical factory. The collaboration aims to conduct drug trial production, apply for drug certifications in various countries worldwide, and establish a long-term, in-depth partnership. More... (in Chinese)
GSK, Chang Gung sign medical talent development agreement
14 November, 2023
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Chang Gung University (CGU) on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enhance exchange between industry and academia, and lay the foundation for the cultivation of healthcare professionals in Taiwan. More...
JelloX Unveils New Research at ESMO Congress 2023
Press release
14 November, 2023
JelloX Biotech Inc., a Taiwan-based startup focused on cancer pathology, is announcing new research and conference milestones, coinciding with its 5th anniversary in November 2023. With significant parts of the medical field starting to leverage AI for pharmaceutical R&D and patient risk assessment, JelloX continues to distinguish itself as an early adopter of AI applied to cancer pathology. More...
iXensor announces partnership with Innova Medical Group at 2022 MEDICA
Press release
14 November, 2023
iXensor, the pioneer of mobile health, today announces that a partnership has been established with Innova Medical Group. Innova Medical Group is a leading global scale-up platform for rapid screening and diagnosis, with notably more than 2 billion rapid test kits delivered to customers worldwide since its inception in 2020. At MEDICA, Innova Medical Group presents the high-end PHRONESIA Smart Ovulation Test, the first "Powered by iXensor Technology" product, into its range of PHRONESIA self-tests portfolio. More...
Asia-Pacific Rare Disease Roundtable Held in Taiwan, Expensive Rare Drug Reimbursement Discussed
13 November, 2023
With advances in medical technology, innovative treatments for rare diseases continue to emerge, offering patients the opportunity for recovery. Starting from August of this year, Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare's National Health Insurance Administration began providing reimbursement for what is considered the world's most expensive gene therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which is a one-time, curative treatment. With the 2023 Asia-Pacific Rare Disease Alliance Taiwan Expert Roundtable Meeting being held recently in Taipei, representatives from many Southeast Asian countries expressed admiration for this development. However, the escalating costs of innovative treatments are increasing the financial burden on health insurance, resulting in a slow pace of reimbursement for rare drugs and leaving patients to endure prolonged waiting times. More... (in Chinese)
Artificial intelligence may speed heart attack diagnosis and treatment
13 November, 2023
Technology incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and electrocardiogram (EKG) testing for patients having a heart attack decreased the time to diagnose and send patients for treatment by almost 10 minutes, according to results of a late-breaking science study conducted in a hospital in Taiwan and presented today at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2023. The meeting, Nov. 11-13, in Philadelphia, is a premier global exchange of the latest scientific advancements, research and evidence-based clinical practice updates in cardiovascular science. More...
HIMSS and Taiwan's National Health Insurance Administration Form Agreement to Drive Digital Transformation Through International Collaboration
13 November, 2023
HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and the National Health Insurance Administration, an agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan, have formed an agreement to drive digital transformation in population health, digital capacity building, cybersecurity resilience and workforce development. More...
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