From the Chairman

Chung-Hsiun Wu

By now with a few exceptions the world has largely learned to live with COVID. While most industries are slowly returning to pre-pandemic conditions, others have emerged stronger and more resilient. The healthcare and the biomedical sectors certainly have a new look, with increased digitalization, increased use of online and remote healthcare delivery modalities, new clinical trial models, widespread public-private sector partnerships; Changes brought on as an adaptation to the pandemic, now here to stay.
Taiwan’s biomedical industry has also emerged in a better place than before. Revenues for the combined biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices and health and well-being sectors reached NT$601.1 billion (US$20 billion) in 2020, an increase of more than 7% over 2019 despite the pandemic, and set to report even higher figures for 2021. Investment into this industry reached almost NT$70 billion (US$2.4 billion), a significant increase of 26.5 percent over 2019.
With COVID exposing the risk of global overreliance on China as a medical products supplier, Taiwan has stood out as an attractive alternative, able to ramp up medical device and personal protective equipment (PPE) production to a point where local demand was easily met and millions of face masks and other PPE products could be exported to all corners of the world.
With this raised profile, Taiwan’s biomedical industry is better placed than ever to take advantage of new opportunities, to enter new markets, and to explore new collaborations. Taiwan BIO works tirelessly on behalf of its members to facilitate such networking and business opportunities. The association is also dedicated to promoting the biomedical industry as a whole in Taiwan. More than any other, the biomedical industry is reliant on international collaboration and partnership, and with this in mind it is my hope that Taiwan BIO becomes a more international organization, benefiting both its local and international members to share in the growth and achievements of Taiwan’s blossoming biomedical industry.
We welcome individuals, companies and institutes to become members of Taiwan BIO. Membership brings a host of benefits, including reduced registration fees to BIO Asia–Taiwan and participation in international forums and networking meetings both online and here in Taiwan. Most importantly, joining Taiwan BIO provides invaluable engagement with our 300+ corporate members, a community ready and willing to work with the global community to together bring products and services to world markets.
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